Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kick A$$ Flash Animation Part II

Here we have a mixture of stuff. Ok, first we have some drawings done by my 10 year old brother which I must say are pretty awesome for his age, he's definitely getting there, keep it up Bro! Next we have part II of my other brother's flash movie, the sequel is wicked! Then have some of my own stuff, family caricatures and a random caricature from memory.

Hope you enjoy,

Here is a quick animation done in flash by my 12 year old brother. I just love his quick animations, if he keeps on practicing who knows where he could go. Awesome work BRO!

Click On The Pic To View!

Here is just a random caricature I did from memory

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A.K.A L@nda said...

dude tell yer bro "welcome board" it's really nice what this guy is doing, hey...BTW are we gonna hang out and do some kick-ass drawings?

see ya there buddy