Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Comic-Con 2009 +TV Show

So I have been reading a lot lately about the recent San Diego Comic-Con and what they were showing there, wicked cool stuff. Below are a couple of quick comps I did of the movies that I am looking forward to seeing this year and next. I also can't wait for season 3 of Mad Men to start, it starts on Aug.15th.



L@nda said...

Mr. Jeremy! hey youve been lost eh?
nice blog, like the way you fix it up and nice stuff as well dude, those colors are terrific
what have you been up to?
going back to MTM?


Jeremy Cardarelli said...

Hey man, how is it going? Yeah I have been busy working and studying. Yes I am going back to mtm, are you? Anyways take it easy man and keep up the good work!


kalonji said...

love this one ! its a damn good series :-)

Aaron Hartline said...

haha - these are great.