Sunday, March 24, 2013

Toons On Tap April - Marvel Month!

Toons on Tap Sessions: 26 and 27 - X-Men and Venom
The Making of the Posters

Lauri has been inspiring me to do some blogging about my process on the making of our posters.  I will try my best, as I am not the best writer.  The content on the process will be minimal with more focus on the images. 

The process below will be the X-Men poster I completed for session 26. Check out Lauri's Blog for her process on making the Venom poster.

My first step to creating posters is to generally rough out some thumbnails.  I then move on to the characters and play around a bit with their shapes and features.  I started out with Scarlett Witch. Playing around with her design at first.  I then had this idea to go somewhat fashion-y with this poster.

Roughing it out

To begin, I researched the models that would be portraying the characters.  Starting off with Toronto Rogue, I started a rough sketch off one of her photos.  With the rough sketch, I lightly traced it with a red col-erase pencil, and then started to apply watercolour.

For Tamar Lipsey's Scarlett Witch character, I wasn't happy with the sketch I drew.  So, I redrew her character, and also painted it right into Photoshop.  Below is the rough draft for the composition of the two of them.


From here I refined them both and got Lauri to design the text around them. God bless her interests in typography- it has really helps us out a lot.  Below is the final piece.

Final poster

We then took both of our posters to make a double feature Grind-house style of our Marvel month teaser poster.

Double feature!

...and now onto our next posters!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Toons On Tap - Session 25: Cleopatra

Artwork By: Lauri Lewis
Check out the process of this poster over at The Houndstooth Sketchbook!
We are excited to announce our next model is international burlesque performer (and instructor!) Coco Framboise. Arguably the biggest performer based in Toronto, Coco has dazzled audiences in Amsterdam, Italy, New Orleans, and Long Beach. Don't miss this opportunity to draw her in person!

Coco Framboise will be costumed as the spectacular siren Cleopatra. We've heard requests for costumes with drapery, and believe us, this costume in flowing with draped, white fabric. 

Can't wait? See a video of her performing in New Orleans here:

Monday, March 04, 2013

Toons On Tap - Session 24: Beetlejuice

Poster designed by my partner Lauri Lewis. Check out her blog to see the process behind the text.

Toons On Tap brings you TWO models for the price of one when we bring back one of our favourite pairs, Patricia and Dave!

Last time Patricia and Dave posed for us, they packed the house with a Freddy Krueger theme. Now, they're back as the ghost with the most, Beetlejuice, and his gloomy best friend, Lydia Deetz.

*UPDATE* -  Local animation veteran Charlie Bonifacio will be our special guest artist for the night! Charlie has offered to share insights on his drawing process and give suggestions to artists in the audience who are interested.