Sunday, March 24, 2013

Toons On Tap April - Marvel Month!

Toons on Tap Sessions: 26 and 27 - X-Men and Venom
The Making of the Posters

Lauri has been inspiring me to do some blogging about my process on the making of our posters.  I will try my best, as I am not the best writer.  The content on the process will be minimal with more focus on the images. 

The process below will be the X-Men poster I completed for session 26. Check out Lauri's Blog for her process on making the Venom poster.

My first step to creating posters is to generally rough out some thumbnails.  I then move on to the characters and play around a bit with their shapes and features.  I started out with Scarlett Witch. Playing around with her design at first.  I then had this idea to go somewhat fashion-y with this poster.

Roughing it out

To begin, I researched the models that would be portraying the characters.  Starting off with Toronto Rogue, I started a rough sketch off one of her photos.  With the rough sketch, I lightly traced it with a red col-erase pencil, and then started to apply watercolour.

For Tamar Lipsey's Scarlett Witch character, I wasn't happy with the sketch I drew.  So, I redrew her character, and also painted it right into Photoshop.  Below is the rough draft for the composition of the two of them.


From here I refined them both and got Lauri to design the text around them. God bless her interests in typography- it has really helps us out a lot.  Below is the final piece.

Final poster

We then took both of our posters to make a double feature Grind-house style of our Marvel month teaser poster.

Double feature!

...and now onto our next posters!

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Craig Ferguson said...

That is Going to be a fun month of comic inspired life drawing. I'm really quite looking forward to it (Then again when am I not lol?) The posters look great!