Wednesday, May 01, 2013

April's Sketchbook Challenge

30 Day Sketchbook Challenge: Round 2

Here we go again. At the end of March, Lauri and I were checking out some sketchbooks in an art store, when we found an Art Paper sketchbook from Strathmore. Our faces lit up and we both said to each other, "Sketchbook Challenge!!".  We set out some simple rules and regulations for each other.

The Rules:
  • no copying work from other artists
  • no minimum number of drawings on pages
  • no being lazy; the point is to improve
  • minimum of 10 pages of superheroes
  • minimum of 10 pieces of marker
  • minimum 10 pages of creatures
  • minimum 5 pages of nude studies
  • minimum 1 page of exaggerated perspective angle - birds or worm eye view
  • minimum 3 pages of different body types
  • minimum 3 pages of different ethnicities
  • drawings on BOTH sides -UNLESS there is paint/marker bleed through
Simple enough. I thought to myself this is going to be another breeze in the park. As April first came around, I opened it up to the first page and completely froze. 7 days in with the challenge and I hadn't even put the pencil to the paper, as Lauri breezed on by. Finally getting over this fear, I put my pen to the paper and started off with some caricatures.

Caricatures from the blog Mugshot of the Day.

I then moved on to doing some gesture studies using Stephen Silver's Posebook app and some foreshortening exercises.

Moving forward and doing some shape and vintage fashion studies.

Finally, ending with some creature work, along with some horror poster compositional studies. While doing the horror poster studies, I noticed that on mostly all horror posters the composition was symmetrical to create that very unsettling feeling.

The end result was that at the end of the month, I still had 20 pages left to fill.  Lauri, on the other hand, was at the end filling in the gaps of her sketchbook and missing some of the regulations. We both failed this challenge. :( Will there be a round 3?.....Of course there will!! While we failed, it was just another great kick in the head saying, "YOU GOTTA DRAW MORE!"

Check out Lauri's challenge results over at The Houndstooth Sketchbook.


Craig Ferguson said...

Those are awesome Jeremy. Sorry to hear that you didn't make it through the challenge, but I think you did some great pics irregardless!

Jeremy Cardarelli said...

Aw, thank you Craig. I tried. I really did. :P