Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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Thursday, July 04, 2013


In the past few months I have doing lots of Caricaturing. I found a great site with tons of images, great for Caricaturing. The link to it is here. This is something that Lauri and I are very interested in doing during our spare time between freelance jobs. Possible gigs or amusement parks.

I have been facscinated with Caricaturing for along time now, there so many talented Caricature artists out there! I created a Pinterest board specifically for Caricaturing gathering all the major talents for inspiration. You can view it here. Below is some of my earlier work to the more recent. More on this topic to be followed up...stay tuned!

Random People from Earthsworld site.
Random People from Earthsworld site.
Pal David Mckenna
Pal Athena Dykman
Pal Elizabeth Farrell
Animator Tara Donovan
Superstar Dionne Brown
Drag Race Contestant Ivy Winters
Actress Jennifer Aniston
More Studies of Jennifer Aniston
Final Image for Fathers Day
Big Brother 15 Contestant David
Big Brother 15 Contestant Jessie
Big Brother 15 Contestant Helen
Big Brother 15 Contestant Aaryn